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Our History

The Church of the Kingdom of God was born out of a National Pentecostal Conference held October 9-13, 1945 at The Church of the Kingdom of God, 509 Dorsett Avenue Albany, Georgia.


This conference was held under the leadership of the late Bishop G.C. Sapp.  From this conference, Bishop Sapp was consecrated as Bishop and Founder. During the September 1947 conference, the church was officially chartered.


Bishop Sapp’s original Pentecostal roots were with the Church of God Headquartered in Cleveland, Tennessee. Many years of ministry were given to the Church of God as a highly anointed vessel throughout the state of Florida and other regions.  Following his ex-communication from the Church of God, the spirit of the Lord led him to father another church family.  During the 1945 annual convention, this family was officially named The Church of the Kingdom of God.


Those who were excommunicated from the church of God along with Bishop Sapp were the real pillars in the newly organized church family. Hence, when he conducted his first crusade in Albany, Ga. During the early 40’s, he was accompanied there by those saints from Florida.  These saints provided excellent spiritual support for the services which he conducted.


The first crusade was held in one of the Methodist churches in Albany, Georgia. From this point, other buildings in the east Albany area and other locations were acquired to conduct services in, since no permanent service facility had been obtained.  As the citizens of Albany began to benefit from the crusades and particularly from the ministry of Bishop Sapp, their desire was that he would establish a church there.  Times were very difficult for the followers and almost everyone else during this period.  Bishop Sapp’s ministry brought fresh and new hope to many whose vision was in a semi or total state of darkness. In the midst of hard times, eyes were opened to the reality of God’s provision for his people.  As a result of clearer vision, a greater desire arose among the Albany family for a permanent place of worship.  This step would mark the first of its kind for the Church of the Kingdom of God in the state of Georgia. For some reason, it appears that Albany has always been the mother of all the churches.

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Bishop Sapp speaking to the congregation

Bishop William "Noah Nothing" Bryant Sr.

Our History
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