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A Message From

Bishop Ira Presley


A message to my people (JESUS CHRIST)


When a man is tempted, don’t say he is tempted by God for God cannot be

tempted by evil neither does he tempt any man. When we are drawn away by

our own lust we are over thrown by our own lust, when this happens, it brings

certain death.

Don’t drift away from the one and only true God that loves us more than

we can imagine; and we are tempted to walk away, drift into the trap of the devil

because of our fleshly desires and our disobedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Let us take heed to ourselves and don’t become a victim of death as David,

Sampson and the children of Israel who allowed their murmuring, grumbling and

rebellion to cause them to drift far from the promises God promised. They drifted

away from the guide lines God had set for them and us. Let us draw night unto

God with a pure heart and don’t allow anything to drift us from the love of God

which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Don’t drift away from the only one who loved us

enough to die for us that we may have life everlasting.

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