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 AD submission



73rd General Assembly


The prices for the advertisements 

  • Full page color $100.00

  • ½ page color $60.00

  • ¼ page $30.00

  • Business card $20.00

**Please note that a $10.00 setup fee will be assessed to incomplete and/or non-camera-ready ads.** 

 All payments and completed ads must be received by  September 8, 2018.  We thank you for your participation over the years.  Please encourage your congregations to get outside advertisements also.  Together, we achieve. We appreciate your overwhelming support!

Instructions for submission:

1. Save your camera-ready advertisement as a “DOC” or "PUB" file. 

2. Please put "Souvenir Book" in the subject line

3. Include Name, Church extension , Phone number in the message section of the email. 

3. Email to


Orders Must Be Received by September 8th (No Exceptions)

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